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EveSkywalker Pop-Up Fashion Show

Eva Jean photo by: Shannon Wells

This weekend was a busy and HOT HOT soo damn HOT one for us here in the South. On Saturday night 7/7@7pm at a place called 116 East Mobile (where unbeknownst to us there was NO properly working air conditioning) our gang of flowered girls and boys persevered and had the most amazing fashion show!

All the right people were there just in time (some who couldn't make it were terribly missed)..and together we shared the first story of the hot sticky stamens and wonderful pillows of pollen gathered on the legs of bees and blowing in the hot summer wind landing upon leaves' dew drops and from right where my own roots are begun in Florence, Alabama.

The stage was set with the magnificent dj Nate W. The ceiling was dripping with glorious botanical vines, Humming Bird flowers, white and red Amaranthus, Wisteria and all matter of floral greenery evoking a wondrous secret cave oozing with magical gardens-sprung forth from a natural spring of life! (via florist Didgie's Belles Fleurs) The language of flowers were written through printed textiles and adorned upon the most graceful and powerful women found in this small af town.

For this story each garment was specifically designed, color coded and hand printed with real plants & flowers large and small to represent the designer Eve Styles' idea of the individual wearer's/models personal muse. Each beauty drifted down the isle with grace and in bountiful floral coverage.

Afrounicorn devoted their musical strings and angelic voices in song of "Holy Water" which sprinkled onto the masses in the crowd and gazing in amazed silence we all became entranced, blessed and mesmerized by the sisters Carla and Racheal.

Hallelujah!! EveSkywalker Pop-Up was a complete success!


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