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EveSkywalker New York Fashion Week 2021

Eve Styles was invited to show at New York Fashion week “the ones to watch” where ten up and coming designers are selected to show to the industry out of thousands of applicants from across the globe.

”I was asked late in the game which only gave me less than a month to prepare, including raising money for the venture.” As we are all aware we are in a pandemic and I am currently living in a Red state “in fact, one of the poorest states, Alabama..” Though being an artist living in these times is a struggle it’s even more so when you live in a place where people love your work but can’t afford it.

After thinking about it for a week I decided to do a fund raiser and raised $4,050 in 4 days! Thanks to every supportive person who contributed and helped to give me this opportunity!! “

So without further adlieu here is my portion of show 2 on a rooftop in SoHo NYC!


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