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Introducing "ETHEREAL" Botanical Textile Collection

EveSkywalker is pleased to share an offering of natural beauty and wild in collaboration with mother nature for your home!

"Ethereal" is the name of the new otherworldly collection by designer Eve Styles for EveSkywalker.

Her home decor fabrics and wall coverings are artistically created by using hand foraged plants and flowers which are then then hand printed onto her beautiful sustainable mostly organic textiles..Each print evokes mystery and wild botanical dreaminess. A vision of a story intertwining fairy-tale and otherworldly dimensions unravel from the delicate beauty of flowers and leaves, stems and vines and all manner of botanical wonder.

Have a look as Eve translates the language of flowers onto eco-friendly textiles for your ersonal saces.

Fabrics for upholstery, curtains and pillows are available upon order. Custom prints from your garden or a variety of fresh foraged flora are available and made to order via consultation. For more information please contact Eve @ Stockists

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